In the Theatre of Research we are all researchers – from kindergarden to our PhD program „Performing Citizenship“. In our performance projects children, artists, scientists and citizens meet to do research together. Cooperating with schools and universities the Theatre of Research is dedicated to bridge gaps between generations, cultures, social backgrounds and fields of expertise. Our art based research is informed by up to date discussions in cultural studies, science and social activism. It includes methods like wish production, show & tell, field research, performative interventions in everyday life and professional stage performances. We often focus on giving access to children, who are socially or otherwise disadvantaged.

The Theatre of Research / FUNDUS THEATER has received the Federal Theatre Award of Germany 2016!



Make clothes out of food, lie on top of cars, dance with animals, try bagism, make a ketchup fight, follow a random passerby through the city, remote control your parents, invent your own Live Art form of sports, search for miracles, walk through London with a map of Paris, invent an alter ego of the opposite gender, make teddy bears fly, deconstruct electrical devices, and build what-happens-next-machines!
PLAYING UP is an artwork exploring the potential of live art to bridge generations. Drawing on key live art themes and seminal works, PLAYING UP takes the form of a game played by adults and kids together.
PLAYING UP was launched at Tate Modern with a three day free mass ‘play-in’ in the Turbine Hall on 1, 2 and 3 April 2016, followed by a major symposium on 4 April 2016 with leading thinkers and practitioners in the field.

PLAYING UP is now available for only £12. Orders can be made now on the Unbound website. Find out more about the project right here!

PLAYING UP is an artwork by Sibylle Peters. It is produced and published by the Live Art Development Agency (UK), FUNDUS THEATER / Theatre of Research (Germany), Tate Early Years and Family Programme (UK), Best Biennial (Sweden) and Live Art UK, with the support of the Goethe-Institut London and the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP).


A gift from the Theatre of Research: 

Pact of Generations
A concept by Sibylle Peters / Theatre of Research
(cc) Creative Commons / Open Source

Pact of Generations is a procedure and a performance ritual for adults and children to feel connected through generations.
In Pact of Generations pairs of adults and kids give each other one day of their lifes, and an instruction, how to spend that day.
It is not the same day though.
Day one is now, tomorrow, in the very near future. This is the day the adult gives to the kid. He or she commits to spending that day with performing a task that is given to him or her by the kid.
Day two is 60 years from now. This is the day the kid is giving to the adult. The kid, who will then be an older adult, will spend that day in the far future performing a task that is given to him or her by the adult.
Both, the kid and the adult, get something they don’t usually have:
The kid will have power over the adult and the chance to change the adult’s behaviour, at least for that day. The kid can make the adult do something, adults usually don’t do.
The adult on the other hand gets the chance to send something through time and save it from oblivion, the chance to get something done, when he herself will probably be dead. This can be about remembering something – like in cooking an old dish, paying respect to something, reenact something.
The Pact of Generations then has to be sealed in a memorable ceremony. This ceremony should be devised and performed by kids and adults together.